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Know the details about what is above and below you

Road Hazards

Height clearances,
tunnels, steep roads
and runaway ramps.

Added Details in Plus

Land Status Layer

Is it public or private land?
Forest, BLM, National Park, Fish and Wildlife, etc

Added in Plus

Trails Layer

See major trails right
on the map (OpenStreetMap)

Added in Plus

Traffic Layer

See traffic on the map around the data.

Added in Plus

Each map point has more details and notes along with navigation links for Google Maps, Apple Maps, Streetview and Waze apps.

...all that and more plus a
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FAQ / Common Notes

1. Surface Tracks is made for web browsers so it does work on computers, phones and tablets. Just sign in from all your devices.

2. Surface Tracks is browser based. You can login from anywhere you like. Built for Firefox, Chrome and Safari. IE and Edge browsers are not recommended.

3. Surface Tracks is NOT a trip planner or routing tool. With all the hazardous and remote points in here, you have to make your own decisions. We can't route you and stay in business.

4. Offline usage is not to be relied upon. It requires using your browser cache and some effort to load information ahead of time and leave it in a browser tab so it can work without service.

5. Please see terms of service. By using this website, you agree to use this site and the information presented at your own risk. If you do not agree, please leave this website.


As the owner of Surface Tracks, I have my own email right on the main page after logging in. I reply promptly unless I am in a remote place without internet for a few days.


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